“What is SR scared of?” – Graham Spiers twitter tirade incredibly calls out Rangers MD on press bans

This certainly has been a circus for the Rangers hierarchy. The banning of Chris Sutton and Neil Lennon has set the cat amongst the press pigeons as it seems the Scottish mainstream media are now sick and tired of the child like leadership being shown at Ibrox.

Thursday night saw a bizarre episode unfold in Govan as the Rangers Managing Director, Stewart Robertson, banned former Celtic players Chris Sutton and Neil Lennon from completing their BT Sport punditry amid “security concerns”.

We all know that is a pile of horse sh*t and we all know the exact reason why the two former players are banned. You certainly do not need to be a rocket scientist to work it out.

The press have been all over this and now it’s the turn of sports journalist Graham Spiers.

Spiers tweeted to his 104k followers, “I’ve said for some time that Rangers MD Stewart Robertson’s prodigious appetite for banning writers and commentators has become quite a farce. Ally McCoist: “We are going down a dangerous route…we turn into Beijing, we turn into Moscow.” Are we back in 1951 with the Soviets?

Rangers Managing Director: Stewart Robertson

And his twitter blast continued as the Ibrox hoards descended onto his timeline:

He has felt insecure in his job from day one. He thinks banning reporters – as much as he knows it is embarrassing – will please the so-called “hardcore”, those fans harbouring various anti-Rangers conspiracies. And he’s right – it does!

And as one Ibrox fan tried to be clever with Graham on the thread, the sports journo replied with a damning question on Robertson, “Oh, I don’t need to be there. I don’t want to be there. I’m irrelevant. It’s the sheer stack of reporters/writers either “banned” or “barred” or “uninvited” that looks preposterous. What is SR scared of?

Whatever the “real” reason is for banning Sutton and Lennon is, it certainly has played to the gallery and a certain section of the *Rangers fans are loving it.

To offer balance, there are a number of Ibrox supporters that are aghast at the clubs actions but this is yet another sorry chapter in what has been an incredibly crazy story in the Govan clubs short history.

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