Statue at Ibrox

“What about ‘ bealing’ for when they get pumped?” – Sevco fans ‘Beale Ball’ tweet rinsed by Hoops support

Is it not bad enough that they try to copy us by trying to appoint Kevin Muscat from the J League?

Or how about the time they were supposed to be scouring the Japanese market after Ange plucked out Kyogo, Reo and Daizen?

They simply do not have an original thought or idea in their heads when it comes to their own club.

And now that the club are going to announce Michael Beale? This fan decided to post a video from the COVID season, of Gerrard’s team and called the football they played…………

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Jesus wept.

In an empty stadium, under no pressure from 50k angry bears and a slight hint of the video being sped up, Beale Ball was born.

I’m cringing even typing that so I’ll let the Celtic fans do my work for me here:

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