“What a red neck!” – Incredible Sevco/Cinch reveal as Ibrox club dispute is laid bare. Twitter is brilliant

The summer long dispute between *Rangers and SPFL League sponsors Cinch, has taken a massive turn today.

In a single tweet from BBC reporter Chris McLaughlin, he laid bare what looks like the real reason why the Ibrox club has went to war with the car dealership.

*Rangers have been at odds with the SPFL citing “conflict of interest” as the reasons that they could not back the deal for Cinch to sponsor the SPFL due to the Govan clubs ongoing relationship with Parks of Hamilton.

But today, McLaughlin tweeted, “In ongoing legal dispute between #Rangers and the SPFL over league sponsor Cinch, a court hears from a QC that the club was in negotiations with Cinch about selling off naming rights to Ibrox, in June.”

And the twitter responses were outstanding:

And there is many, many more.

How can the club claim conflict of interests when they are happy to sell the naming rights to the stadia whilst still having an ongoing concern with Parks of Hamilton?

Surely the Ibrox club have not took the proverbial huff and told cinch to “gies ma baw back, ahm no playin“?

It truly is a hypocritical stance by *Rangers and just creates more division in the game where there needs to be none.

But I’m sure this is all above board. I’m sure *Rangers objections to the SPFL being sponsored by cinch ARE genuine and not motivated by petty revenge right? Right?

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