“We’re in a poisonous time” – Peter Martin drags Celtic’s name into Sevco’s off field embarrassments

Normally, I quite enjoy The PLZ Soccer Show. Peter and Roughie generally don’t take themselves too seriously whilst still giving decent opinions about the state of Scottish football.

On this episode, Martin was discussing the proposed review of the SPFL by five of the clubs in the Scottish League when he addressed a point brought up by the former First Minister where he questioned why Celtic and Rangers are not included as part of the review.

The former Celtic TV commentator then went on to make a peculiar speech about how the two Glasgow clubs hold back Scottish football, “Celtic and Rangers scupper everybody else’s progress.

It’s all about those two clubs, and they drag everybody back and before we get battered, they stopped the progress, the voting structure is wrong.

Henry McLeish is asking why they’re not in there. They’re not in there because, by the time this review comes out, they’ll scupper it.

Because if it doesn’t involve them getting more money than everybody else, they will scupper it.

So, our country at the moment is, I think, going through a really, really bad phase of unrest off the field.

A fight, on the field, not so much the players, but a fight with a club that it’s basically going to war with every other club.

And I think we’re in a poisonous time at the moment. It is not healthy. And I think a review will not help it.”

Very, very strange from Martin. To then talk about “one club” going to fight with every other club and not name them when we all know who he was talking about was slightly disingenuous of the pundit.

That particular Scottish football soap opera has nothing to o with the Parkhead club but then I suppose guilt by association sells better to the blue half of Glasgow.

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One thought on ““We’re in a poisonous time” – Peter Martin drags Celtic’s name into Sevco’s off field embarrassments”

  1. Peter Martin not even his real name because he panders to the DOBS for his career is nothing but a yellow belly coward who like 100% of the WEST coast journalists panders to the NEWCO

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