Celtic Park, Main Stand entrance

“Wee bit of casual sectarianism thrown in there for good measure”, “There’s always a tweet” – Dan McCroskrie shredded over Celtic fans ‘conspiracy theory’ tweet

There are people with leaning Sevco tendencies that should just sit down and shut up when it comes to slating the Celtic fans for highlighting referee inconsistencies.

Kris Boyd, Heart & Hand, that wee guy Steely from some wee sh*tey podcast. The lot of them should just take a wee back seat and think about their own comments about the refs before claiming we are paranoid.

Like this clown:

For one, the fact we are ‘crowing’ about them when we are nine points ahead is highlighting them even more. We cannot be accused of sour grapes otherwise.

And the manager? When did he join in on them? Is the fact that Ange Postecoglou is now highlighting them rattling the hacks and guys like him even more now?

Quite clearly. Considering his questionable tweeting history on referees and one particular tweet, this is one Dan should probably have sat out:

Wee bit of ‘Father’ thrown in there for good measure. For what reason? I couldn’t possibly fathom.

So he was asked, and rinsed, once again by the Celtic support:

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