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“We were asked to take Piers Morgan to task” – ACSOM brilliantly tells GB News to stick their interview up their…….

OK they didn’t use those exact words, but I’m incredibly proud that the boys and girls from ACSOM refused to give GB News the time of day.

Celtic fans have been getting pilloried by the right wing royalist British media for their brilliant demonstration against the Monarchy in last weekends Scottish Cup semi final.

No sooner had the “Stick the Coronation up yer @rse” song been aired, it went viral on social media and made worldwide news. So much so that Piers Morgan was crying about it on GB News.

That very same news channel invited Paul John Dykes of A Celtic State of Mind to come on and give a Celtic fans view and, proudly, Paul John knocked them back.

Speaking on the pod, Dykes said,”So yesterday we got a very interesting one. We were asked to take Piers Morgan to task on his comments around Celtic supporters.

We of course refused the invitation due to the fact that the platform that it’s on wouldn’t be in keeping with the political ideals of myself and many, if not all of the ACSOM contributors.

From time to time when given the opportunity, Celtic fans will definitely make their feelings known when it comes to the oppressed.

And we’ve seen it with the flying of the flag of Palestine. And we’ve seen at the weekend, with many people voicing their view on the upcoming Coronation. And Celtic in some quarters have been pilloried for it.

And it’s made worldwide news and as far as Australia they’ve been talking about it. The people criticising Celtic fans for that though I don’t think they are friends anyway.

They don’t concern me in any way, shape, or form.”

Fellow contributor Peter said the GB media channel were only interested in gaining a sensationalist and clickbait headline whilst Brian Degnin ripped them apart for their “selective outrage” after years of keeping quiet over anti-Irish racism.

I’m delighted ACSOM knocked them back. In no way should a brilliant fan media channel drag themselves down to the level of GB News. No matter how good the intentions were of defending the Celtic support.

Bravo ACSOM!

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