Now that Bournemouth’s season has officially come to an end, there seems to be no reason why Celtic can’t up the stakes and announce Eddie Howe as the new manager.

Speaking on The Go Radio Football Show, journalist Mark Guidi, has given his insight into why he thinks the deals has been held up until now.

Guidi has hinted that the Howe’s agents are possible at play and suggested that bonus’s depending on Bournemouth’s fate must be the reason he can’t be unveiled, “I can only imagine that some kind of contractual situation where bearing in mind Eddie Howe and Bournemouth parted company in August of last year.

“I think that it might be that Eddie Howe, even though he’s not the manager and he’s been away, but there will be something his contract, because we know how clever these agents are. There will be something that where if Bournemouth go straight back up Eddie Howe’s on a bonus.

“It wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case and contractually, they need to wait until Bournemouth’s season comes to an end. So it could be his appointed in the next three or four days, or it may be we wait another 10 days or so for an appointment.”

Now that The Cherries are resigned to another season in the English Championship there should be no reason left now why the Celtic board cannot announce their man and get on with the rebuild to wrestle the title back from their rivals over the water.

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