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“Was subjected to a racist slur of the unrepeatable kind” – Andrew Smith reveals behind the scenes racism in Rangers Hampden hospitality seat

Racist slurs in dear seats

That was the mini headline in Andrew Smith’s excellent piece in The Scotsman.

The journalist condemned the Rangers fans singing The Billy Boys during the minutes applause for Ron Gordon and he also scolded the Celtic fans for their rendition of Cheer Up Michale Beale.

Where I do take issue is where he seems to suggest that that song was the reason the Rangers players made their way down the tunnel and not watch Celtic lift the trophy.

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That’s simply untrue. Their petty mindedness and childish behaviour that they displayed all week was the reason they went up the tunnel but that is by the by.

But what Smith also revealed was the abhorrent sectarian and racist bile emanating from the hospitality section of the Rangers end at Hampden.

My position at the extreme left of the press box placed directly behind me Rangers supporters availing themselves of hospitality directly.

One of those was a truly vile individual.

“For the entirety of the afternoon, every Celtic player was abused as a Fenian B.

“Reo Hatate was subjected to a racist slur of the unrepeatable kind, with a racist Irish trope that is mercifully rarely heard in this day in age also given an airing.

What was truly upsetting was that none of those around this person called out the incessant stream of bigoted, racist invective.

It is a desperately sorry state of affairs when so many consider that a supposedly global sporting event to be celebrated provides them cover to spew such bile publicly.

He’s surprised no one interjected? I’m not. These peepul think anything is fair game when it come to racism and sectarianism.

I have covered their antics on numerous occasions on this site.

I just wish more journalists has the same courage as Smith to call out the Ibrox fans but we all know why that will not happen.

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