Video: Postecoglou’s latest Sky interview has triggered Govan.

I find that lot very strange. It’s as if they only hear what they want to hear at times.

Take, for example, Sky’s latest interview with Celtic boss, Ange Postecoglou.

Ange was asked various questions about what’s going on at the club, the transfer window, the current COVID crisis and possible remedies to all these situations.

They key here is, he was asked. He wasn’t offering opinions. Asked for opinion.

And somehow, this translates into Ange now wanting a wish list of changes to help Celtic get through their current injury crisis.

Peter Lawwell must have a lab underneath Celtic Park and he created Omicron just for this injury scenario.

Anyway, the full interview is here:

I have absolutely no idea what this next comment even means:

Irony? The ironic thing in this next comment is he didn’t say he wanted extra subs:

And there is many more like that of Rangers fans getting rinsed.

I think there is fear in the ranks now that the transfer window is upon us……..

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