Video: Brilliant Bertie at his best as footage shows great man’s humour

I was sent this today by a family member. The first time I’ve seen it and I’m sure it has been shared many times over, but here it is anyway.

Like many Celtic fans, I never had the privilege of meeting Bertie Auld, but reading and watching all the coverage of ‘Mr Celtic’, it feels like I know a little bit more of the man.

One of the Lisbon Lions, Bertie was widely regarded as one of the biggest Celtic fans there ever was and he loved the club with all his heart.

Much loved by all who met him and even those that didn’t, Bertie had a passion for Celtic and the love of the fans who adored him was always reciprocated.

He always had time for a photo. An autograph and a word with any fan that asked.

Never said no, always making people feel welcomed and special.

And this is what I mean.

I never even knew the man but from what I have read today and watched and listened on various Celtic podcasts, Bertie Auld was loved by all.

So I’ll leave you with this footage. Brilliant Bertie at his beautiful best.

God Bless and RIP Mr Celtic.

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