“It’s only bizarre if you’ve not been paying attention”, “It’s blatant cheating” – Celtic fans react as Dermot Gallaghers Ibrox penalty verdict goes viral

Earlier today I had written about Sky Sport’s analysis of the two key Ibrox penalty decisions and how the presenter himself was baffled as to how Willie Collum cam to the conclusion that there was a handball by the Kilmarnock defender.

It really was a bizarre decision for the referee to make and, as I said earlier today, it makes a mockery of the refereeing system in the country.

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Quick question. Where’s Crawford Allan in all this?

The Head of Referees was quick to flap his gums when it came to Kyogo’s fictitious diving, where is he now when the game needs direction and the referees need support, Allan is missing in action.

And yet here we are. And it takes a former EPL referee to come out and tell us all why some bizarre key decisions by our referees is being taken.

And to us Celtic fans, it’s not a surprise that the Ibrox club continues to get these dubious decisions.

Call it what you like, but the Parkhead fans are not convinced that everything is above board as they lambast the referees after this latest blatant ‘honest mistake’:

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