Twitter User Hilariously Congratulates Ange on his “55th” Win

As Ange Postecoglou led Celtic to a 3-1 friendly win over Sheffield Wednesday in Wales, the Celtic fans got a chance to see the team in action for the first time under the big Aussie.

Much has been made of the type of football Postecoglou want’s his team to play so there was much hype around the fixture and in some ways it didn’t disappoint.

After a shaky start, Celtic eventually found their rhythm and ran out eventual winners in a run of the mill victory that the Celtic gaffer described as, “We grew into the game. We played some decent stuff, scored a couple of good goals and finished strong.

But one fan chose to send Ange a congratulatory tweet that will resonate with many Celtic fans and infuriate the fans of Govan.

It was simple. Beautiful and obvious but yet as I read it, still left me laughing:

It was a brilliant dig at *Rangers and their fans on their incessant obsession of over celebrating a title win labelled as a 55th rather than recognising what it actually is.

Their first title since their birth in 2012. Their over exuberance and repeated tantric chanting of winning their 55th title tells you one thing. They know it was their first title. We know it was their first title. They know we know they know, and it kills them.

One thought on “Twitter User Hilariously Congratulates Ange on his “55th” Win”

  1. The only 55 in Glasgow is Ange Postecoglou’s age. The Rangers International have one solitary title to their name given to them last season by a poor Celtic side. Liquidation is not optional nor is it able to have it’s meaning altered by the desperate. Liquidation is the end of the ‘going concern’ and no amount of squirming or rewriting of history will alter the harsh legal fact of insolvency. RFC are gone. They’re never coming back. Deal with it and grow up Sevco fans. The long arm of the law gets us all in the end. Criminals don’t get to reinvent the law to make it more palatable. They are subject to it. The house of cards came tumbling down in 2012 and it created a new framework for the Scottish game that will never be changed. Celtic own Scottish football with more title wins than the rest of the domestic game combined. Fact. RFC are past history and the new club will never add to their achievements. Sevco fans transferred their support to the new club but the old titles cannot transfer, for they belong to an entirely separate legal entity. This is a fact and comes from someone who studied law at university. It is not a matter of opinion – it is a matter of public record, set in stone. 2012, 51/ 1 – Mind The Gap, Sevco.

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