Celtic Park from the Forge car park

“Totally forgot about that weirdo and his sh*te on this platform”, “Ambulance chaser” – James Black rinsed as he continues Celtic effigy lie

Let’s get it out there from the beginning.

The mannequin stunt by Celtic fans at a Glasgow Derby seven years ago was in bad taste.

It was designed to mock them for letting their club die but somehow the media, backed by the Ibrox fans, turned it into a Kris Boyd story.

The former Oldco star’s family suffered a tragedy when his brother committed suicide and the Celtic fans were, wrongly, accused of mocking the death with the effigies.

That is a blatant lie. But it did it’s job and tarred the fans as Govan mob and media ran with it for weeks.

And it reappeared on Twitter again yesterday when a journalist from The Athletic tweeted this:

Which led to James Black tweeting this:

Firstly, there is no Old F*rm (glad to get that out the way) and secondly, this guy talks so much sh*te on this platform I’m surprise Elon Musk himself hasn’t booted him for fake news.

He knows exactly what the effigy was all about. He knows it had nothing to do with Kris Boyd’s late brother but, hey, don’t let facts get in the way of a few likes and retweets.

Weird thing is. Not one single Rangers fan replied to back him up. Strange that eh?

But let’s not talk about actually looking to hang people now will we?

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