“Too busy pushing his agendas” – Tom English berated by Celtic and Rangers fans for latest twitter meltdown

Tom English is a strange wee man. Pass it on.

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Tom has an absolute nightmare since Celtic’s 97th minute winner over Ross County.

Whatever that goal did to him, it’s been great watching his wee twitter meltdown over the last couple of days.

From his weird tweet claiming that Celtic’s injury crisis has been overblown, to trying to troll Chris Sutton, the BBC man’s embarrassment continued last night as he then referenced both Glasgow clubs in a game that doesn’t interest or even involve them.

Take a look:

Yeah, I know. What exactly is his point?

I know he likes to try and stay relevant, maybe to make sure Sportsound’s flailing listening figures remain propped up but all he’s managed to do is piss off the supporters of Celtic and Rangers in one sweep:

I think the only person that missed the point was you Tom.

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