I have to confess. When, not if, Eddie Howe signs for Celtic, I believe most fans will feel a sense of relief rather than joy. Not because they didn’t think the board could pull off the move, but simply because it has been a long drawn out process and the end of this saga will represent the beginning of a new chapter in Celtic’s history.

And history is something our club is steeped in. 25th May 1967. The Estadio Nacional, Lisbon. A date that will forever be etched with pride in the memory of Celtic fans. The first British team to lift the European Cup with a team of Scots. It will be a feat never to matched again.

This amazing feat happened ten years before I was born and yet, like many thousands of fans like me, it still feels part of. Part of my DNA like it will for many thousands of fans in the future born after the fact.

The Celtic board also know this. The significance of the date will not be lost on them. Neither has the criticism they have received from the fans for being out of touch with the supporters this season. Lack of communication has been the main bone of contention and that is why I think the board will announce Eddie Howe tomorrow.

It will be a message to the fans and what a message it will be. If the appointment is made tomorrow the board will be telling the fans ‘We heard you. We are listening to you. And here is our answer‘.

Now I am not daft. I am not claiming that Eddie Howe comes into the same significance of the greatest day in our history. But it could be the greatest signing since Brendan Rodgers and look at the history created then.

25th May 2021. Could be the beginning of a new era. Mark it in your diary. It could be the most important day in our recent history.

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