Tom English’ continues his Celtic twitter assault

This is a strange one for me.

On one count, a Celtic blogger seems to have misrepresented the EPL Fantasy Football League tweet from Everton and based an article around it.

Embarrassing mistake to make, of course, but is it worthy of a Chief Sportswriters for a national media site’s attention?

I mean, I know 70% of the stories journalists get is from Celtic fan media sites but is Tom English so petty that he needs to screen shot a bloggers headline and plaster it onto his official twitter page?

I can’t recall him ever doing this with one of the blogging sites from across the other side of the city? And what does Tom really benefit from doing this?

Well, for one, he has nailed his colours to the mast. That’s for sure. He’s also at risk of alienating half of Glasgow from his already failing publications circulation figures.

But for me, this level of pettiness just shows him up for a lack of class.

Tell me who the professionals are again……..?

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