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Tillman reveals why he joined Rangers with deluded Celtic stance

As far as ‘a reach’ goes, this one takes the biscuit.

As Celtic continue to dominate Scottish football, there is a realistic chance of Ange Postecoglou picking up a treble.

One defeat in almost a calendar year has shown us to be the best and most consistent side in the country by a mile.

A huge one at that.

And that’s what makes Rangers attacker Malik Tillman’s comments that bit more bizarre.

When asked why he joined the Govan club, as reported by Kicker, Tillman said, “Because I followed them in the Europa League last year, for example, they made it to the final against Frankfurt.

“There was also the opportunity to play the Champions League here. And here we are the best team with Celtic. In addition, with the Scottish hardness, I can bring another component into my game that I didn’t know before.”

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The best team ‘with’ Celtic? Is he having a laugh?

His team cannot even beat us at home, in a must-win game, when we were at our worst, they were at their best and with the help of the referee.

Now, I get it. He must play to the crowd. But see if one our players came away with that nonsense even when you know it’s bull, you would call it out and tell them to prove it on the pitch, right?

But then again, the Rangers live on this kind of crap. Delusion is what keeps them going and as long as they swallow this and we remain dominant, fill your boots Malik!

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