Three major incidents that targeted Celtic fans the media ignored. They should hang their heads in shame

This was a massive weekend in Scottish football.

With both Celtic and Rangers playing on Sunday and with Scott Browns return to Paradise, there was the potential for upset, drama and intrigue on the pitch.

None of those three things happened on the pitch, but off it, there was certainly fireworks.

Three major incidents that have gone largely unreported but made sensational headlines over twitter was the foodbank collection at Celtic Park, the disgraceful Tommy Burns song from the Sevco fans and the sectarian signing from the Aberdeen fans.

And where to start. Let’s start at what I feel is the most important one. The foodbank collection. And please forgive the longevity of the report.

This was a well publicised event being held by the Celtic fans as they aimed to complete a food bank collection for the most needy and vulnerable in society as we approach Christmas. Four vans completing the collection were shamefully and systematically targeted by the police and Glasgow City Council as each van was issued a £60 fine as they loaded the vans with all donations.

Not a hint of compassion, understanding or even help from the authorities. Not a glimpse of humanity displayed. Shameful from the council and even more from Police Scotland who’s reputation amongst the fans was not in the best of health.

This was an opportunity to build bridges and right those wrongs of the past and they failed. Spectacularly.


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