“This you?” – Celtic fans clamp Sevco troll over obsession tweet and disgusting Lisbon Lion joke

This week has certainly been a week for online absurdity.

From the Nathan Patterson transfer to the unspeakably mental gymnastics the Rangers fans have been doing by claiming that Celtic supporters are completely obsessed with everything to do with their club.

Now on some levels, there could be an element of truth in that but mainly, the Hoops fans are just ripping the absolute p*ss out of the club and their fans. Like I do.

But to claim obsession is a tired and lazy reply from them and also extremely ironic seeing as all they have done over the last month or so is moonhowl over offside goals, diving and last minute winners in matches involving Celtic.

It’s next level lunatic behaviour.

And this one twitter account does have history of it.

Someone needs to let him into a wee secret, That’s what rival fans do. Has this guy ever done it? Of course he hasn’t…..no wait:

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