“This statement has my full support” – 67 Hail Hail back todays fan protest

As the fallout resumes over Celtic’s proposed appointment of Assistant Chief Constable Bernard Higgins to a senior role within the club, there is a protest planned during today’s game organised by the various fan groups to make their voice heard about their unhappiness of this appointment.

And as the kick off approaches, many might feel that this protest shouldn’t be carried out during a match when it could affect the team, but how else will the fans get the message accross to the board if they are unwilling to engage with some of the largest supporters groups in the Celtic family.

One prominent fan media outlet wholeheartedly agree’s with the statement and the course of action about be taken to day. Hamish Carton of 67 Hail Hail, broadcast on his YouTube channel last night his own thoughts and what he said made a lot of sense, “I think the North Curve and the other fan groups tagged in this statement should be supported fully with this.

That’s my way of looking at it.

I know that not everyone will agree with that viewpoint and I totally get that.

Some of you may look at a situation and think that it’s a distraction to Ange and the team. You may think that the fan group should just get on with it.

I personally feel that rather than being frustrated with the fans group for going on about this issue, the frustration should lay with Celtic for even contemplating employing a guy who targeted Celtic fans not so long ago.

The statement has my full support.”

And there is the silver bullet. The frustrations should be directed at the board. They are so out of touch with the fans feelings about many issues surrounding the club.

I hope the protest goes ahead today. It will shine the light on this issue and may make the board sit up and take notice.

But knowing our top brass, they will simply thumb their noses at it and carry on regardless.

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