“This is the fear” – Top podcaster’s warning on Celtic ‘bombshell’

I heard murmurings of this happening last night. As a blogger, you try and keep your ear close to the ground with any news regarding Celtic.

It is our club. Our legacy and our history.

Not like other clubs, the Celtic fanbase are always keeping a close eye on the goings on at Parkhead so that if anything comes apart, the club/board are held accountable.

That is what stopped the club going bust back in the nineties and it will stop the club moving in the wrong direction now.

When I heard this rumour, like any other blogger (I would hope), you check your source and your facts and if it can’t be substantiated then you leave it alone.

With a touch of hindsight, it is one that I missed now that is has come to fruition, it is one that I can’t believe.

And neither can Paul John Dykes at The Celtic State of Mind podcast.

As every Celtic fan is when adversity hits the club, the instant fall of suspicion falls on the board, and so it should and Dykes called into question the seriousness of Dom McKay’s departure and asks, was the relationship so bad between McKay and the board that it required his departure from the club, “Is it’s such a bad situation with the current board of directors that a brand new CEO common with all these tremendous ideas.

And as you say, he’s been hitting his head against a brick wall. This is the fear. This is the fear. And I’m not scaremongering because you get criticised for being positive, and you get criticised for being negative.

This is an instant reaction to a bit of a bombshell, that’s just been dropped on Celtic on the eve of us getting back into domestic action.

And the week leading up to a very important European game. It’s not the kind of news that we want in terms of the stability of the club and the progression and the development and everything else that we’ve been talking about in a positive sense.

And that is this the fear.

Now there is also a way of writing statements when big big news happens, and there are certain phrases that are used, that are almost coveralls, almost protective of the individuals.

So, if there is anything on a personal level, that has forced Dom McKay to leave the club, then our sympathies are with him and our thoughts are with him and his family.”

Dykes frustration really shone through on the podcast and no doubt, his feelings are being shared amongst many Celtic fans.

But what now for the club? What now for Ange?

For the boards sake, if this latest development is not for ‘personal reasons’ but instead is for professional sabotage, then they will have the Celtic support to answer to.

For Dom McKay, if he is having personal difficulties then I wish him all the very best.

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