“This is mental” – Fans react to amazing list of pro Sevco referee decisions

Another Saturday, another penalty to *Rangers.

That statement is becoming synonymous with Scottish football.

It seems that with every game they struggle, the man in black is at hand with a card or a whistle to give them a wee helping hand.

There was a stat posted on twitter with the games that they have benefitted from these decisions and the stat kind of when above peoples heads.

There are at least three, maybe four decision in there that were 100% correct and the point the poster was making is that they seem to get the benefit of them every, single time.

Celtic get the decisions too, of course they do, but when you look at how many we DON’t get compared to our rivals, we’ll need a huge spirit level at the end of the season to balance them all out.

However, the Celtic fans reacted to it and the last tweet kind of sums it all up.

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