“This is fabulous for Celtic!” – Talksport motormouth says advantage Ange

I’m not so sure Ange will be bothered much at what is going on over at Ibrox at the moment.

And I genuinely mean that.

The Celtic gaffer has been nothing but consistent in his message all season that he is just focused on Celtic and trying to make us a better side.

And that message was hammered home when Ange was asked about the circus over at Ibrox, “They’re the kind of distractions I avoid, to be honest. That’s what I’m talking about – I’ve been really laser-focused on here and I’ll continue to be.

“I’m just making everyone really aware, we can’t get distracted by anything, by anyone else.”We’re trying to build something here, and when you’re trying to build something and be successful you can’t afford to be looking over your fence to what other people are doing.

“We’ve got to build our house, make sure it’s nice and beautiful then see how it stacks up to the rest of the neighbourhood.”

Cool. Succinct and giving the impression that he simply does not give two f*cks what’s going on in Govan.

But according to Talksport’s Simon Jordan, who thinks that Postecoglou will be celebrating the news that Gerrard has left, “Massive disruption for Rangers though this,” Simon Jordan told talkSPORT.

“One person who will be celebrating that, and getting his timing right, is [Celtic manager] Ange Postecoglou.

“He will be looking at this as a opportunity.

“If Villa are going to take Gerrard then they are going to take all of Gerrard’s backroom staff as well.”

“This is fabulous for Celtic. It really is.

Celebrating? I don’t think so. Ange never gets too upbeat about a good result and never too down about a bad one.

The Celtic gaffer is extremely level headed.

He won’t be giving two hoots what’s happening at Ibrox.

Like he said. He is laser focused inside Parkhead.

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