“This guy just lies for fun” – Celtic fans react to Andrew Dickson’s latest Kyogo nonsense

You would think that after yesterday’s press conference where Ange Postecoglou addressed the media narrative that Kyogo is, somehow, a diver, that the press would just get it.

Postecoglou was asked by the fan media contributor, Tony Haggerty, if he was aware of the narrative surrounding the Japanese striker in the media and on social media and the gaffer’s response was very telling, “Who are these brave people?

These warriors who are accusing people out there.

All these brave warriors outside are casting aspersions.

You end up in arguments with ignorant people you eventually become one of them.”

So why then did another Rangers media man continue the narrative with this ill timed tweet this morning:

Does this idiot have the ear of the Celtic boss? Does he know the inner workings of Celtic Park? Is he privy to private conversations between the manager and player?

Or is he calling the Celtic manager a liar after Ange defended Kyogo against people like him who continue to spout absolute garbage on social media?

We all know Celtic fans and they were quick to point out Dickson’s idiocy:

One thought on ““This guy just lies for fun” – Celtic fans react to Andrew Dickson’s latest Kyogo nonsense”

  1. Have people not noticed that if Kyogo fouls anybody (Especially those a foot taller than him), he goes to check how they are? He even checks on opponents he hasn’t fouled.

    This is a wonderful young man, very talented, very humble and the sort of young man who any parent would be proud of.

    People in Scotland should be holding him up as how to bring up any child, meanwhile the press will be telling us tomorrow how another Police force in Europe are attacking our Brave Blue Bears for no reason at all.

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