Brother Walfrid Statue, Celtic Park

“This guy is a complete balloon”, “Most embarrassing thing I’ve listened to”, “So… Celtic are better than Rangers? Got ye” – Ewen Cameron’s latest Celtic conspiracy rinsed

He tried his best to hide this as a ‘Rangers’ stat, but every single person on this thread knew exactly what Ewen Cameron was trying to suggest here. Listen to this garbage:

The tired old argument of Aberdeen lying down to Celtic is a pathetic one used by the fans at Govan every single time we take points off them when the reality is that over the last two seasons, the games against the Dons have been the toughest we have faced.

Postecoglou’s side needed a late winner last season to seal a 2-1 win October. We then beat them 2-1 at Celtic Park when Callum McGregor scored the winner in the 60th minute and next at Pittodrie, we won the game 3-2 after the home side battled back from 3-0 down.

Easy? I don’t think so.

Rangers on the other had, drew twice with them last season (2-2 at Pittodrie and 1-1 at Ibrox) and then finally recorded a 1-0 in their final meeting.

Do you know what all that proves? That Celtic are a far better team than the Govan and have been for the last nine out of the ten seasons.

That’s why our winning streak is better and that’s why they find it ‘harder’ against Aberdeen. They are not that good.

But lastly, before I let the Celtic fans have their say, why does a Hearts fan care so much about a stat that has no bearing on his team? That’s the question we should all be asking.

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