“They literally have a cartoon bear!”, “Supernoodle Tifo” – Celtic fans mercilessly troll Union Bears claim

Got to love the Sevco fans.

They don’t half get ideas above their station don’t they?

From the same club rubbish, to 55 titles, to most successful team in the multi verse, there is no claim that they will not make that couldn’t mark their necks with a blow torch.

Apart from this one.

A wee Rangers fan took to twitter to make a weird claim about the Union Bears after their embarrassingly poor pyro display in Lyon on Thursday night.

This guy clearly thought it was an excellent display, normal people thought otherwise:

Different level? Different lever to what?

The pyro display was a shambles and all they are doing really, is hanging onto the coat tails of the Green Brigade who have been showing them how to do it, properly, for years!

Anyway, here are some of the best replies to the deluded one:

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