“There’s A Lot Of Wet Knickers Being Thrown About Here” – Brilliant Rant From ACSOM Podcaster After Glasgow Derby Defeat

The result on Sunday wasn’t exactly what we were looking for and like any Glasgow Derby, there is a lot of emotion tied to the result whether it’s a win or a loss.

And there certainly was emotion in Kevin Graham’s after match rant as he had his say on the A Celtic State of Mind podcast on Sunday afternoon.

Graham was asked by host Paul John Dykes his thoughts on the results and Graham came out his corner swinging, “Well, you want to ken something lads?

You can’t recycle wet knickers and there is a lot of wet knickers getting thrown about here.

We are eight weeks into a project. Eight weeks. They are four years into a project. That was shown in that second half today.

The two things that I wrote down at half time. All I wanted to do was challenge for this league title and that ninety minutes showed that we are going to challenge for this title.

And we are only eight weeks into rebuilding.

The other thing that I wrote down as well, I think the vibe of this defeat should be different.

The mud is not settled in who is going to be in this squad and who is not going to be in the squad.

There is no longer 21 points between the two teams in the space of eight weeks. In the space of eight weeks.”

There was a little téte-á-téte between Dykes and Graham afterwards that I won’t give away here, but listen into the podcast here. You will not be disappointed.

Through all that emotion, Graham’s points do still stand (unlike wet knickers). Ange is only eight weeks into his rebuild and he matched a *Rangers squad that has been built over four years but for a basic defensive error.

The signs of progress are encouraging. Just imagine where we will be come the return fixture at Paradise in January.

2 thoughts on ““There’s A Lot Of Wet Knickers Being Thrown About Here” – Brilliant Rant From ACSOM Podcaster After Glasgow Derby Defeat”

  1. TGet real that overall performance was pathetic, not one shot on target in the first half and their keeper only 3 saves to make in ninety minutes, our tactics failed against the huns and az, we need a plan B when things aren’t working as we will meet far better euro teams.we got carried away after a few good results against poor quality opposition.

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