“There would have been big calls for his head” – Former Rangers player as the Postecoglou bashing continues

These pundits are genuinely infuriating.

And they definitely don’t sense the mood of the majority of the Celtic fans.

The Celtic rebuild was always going to be a massive job. Many pundits, and fans for that matter, had written this season off before it had even started and claimed that Ange Postecoglou will need to be given time.

Oh how much that has fell by the wayside.

Three defeats already, whilst admittedly is poor, in the league had heaped pressure on the Celtic gaffer to the point were many pundits seemed to be gleefully declaring that Postecoglou is running on borrowed time.

After SEVEN games. Yeah, I know.

With a massive player turnaround and some devastating injuries, Postecoglou had been dealt the hand from hell in his maiden season but, hopefully, the result at Aberdeen on Sunday will be the turning point for Ange and his team.

But former Rangers player Gordon Smith reckons that if he had lost against the Dons, there would have been, incredibly, calls for the managers head!

Speaking on the Only As Good As Your Last Game podcast, Smith said, “I actually felt that there would have been big calls for his head.

“The Celtic fans would have reacted to it. If he’d lost that [Aberdeen] game, there would have been a major turnaround, in terms of how he’s been accepted.

“But he got that one way, and as long as he can keep winning, if he loses more games, drops further back in the league, then that will change.

“The fans will have a go because they’re not that happy with him. Celtic are sitting there four wins from eight games. It’s pretty poor form, three defeats already this needs a season.

“Of all the top six teams actually they’ve lost the most games, so they really do need to pick up or else Postecoglou will come under pressure because the Celtic fans really do want to see things turn around and he has to get things going.

They’re very good at attacking style but defensively they’re still vulnerable.

A nonsensical opinion that really does not capture the thoughts of the fans.

These pundits really need to take a deep breath and think about what Ange needs to deal with AND build before spouting these opinions.

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2 thoughts on ““There would have been big calls for his head” – Former Rangers player as the Postecoglou bashing continues”

  1. Gordon who? His argument, in part, was based on Celtic losing to Aberdeen, which they didn’t, so once again another ex Rangers player talking bollocks. The media keep asking these morons questions about Celtic when they’ve no clue about the machinations of our club, in fact most of our board seem like they don’t know the machinations at at Parkhead. The media only drag out these nonentities to proper opinions on issues they’re not privy to for the titillation of the sevco support and to make it seem like Ange is under pressure more than any other manager. We all know that results have been poor but as you point out there’s been mitigating circumstances nd it’s just more mischief making for the benefit of the sevco following which includes the smsm itself. This is pure clickbait and should be filed under that.

  2. Another ex sevco player saying something negative about Celtic. Who would have thought that would ever happen.

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