The Sun’s Latest MoonHowling Headline Touts Galactico “Transfer”

Sometimes you see a story and you need to check the date. Not because I think it’s been stolen from my site (I wish) but just in case I slipped into a coma and I’ve come too on April 1st.

Today, as some of you may well know saw Rangers* take on the Spanish Galactico’s of Real Madrid in a pre season friendly.

The Govan team eventually ran out 2-1 winners after coming from behind with goals from Sakala and Itten after Madrid went down to 10 men.

The Spaniards played a full strength team minus just a few first team players as Carlo Ancelotti decided to rest Coutois, Carvahal, Modric, Kroos, Mendy, Benzema and Hazard and a few others but apart from that, it was a full strength Galactico side.

Don’t get me wrong, it was still a decent result considering we were humiliated against West Ham but The Sun chose to run a story from what I can only imagine was a wind up tweet from a Real Madrid’s supporters club that Madrid should sign Ryan Kent INSTEAD of Mbappe.

You the type of tweet I’m talking about. When we beat Barcelona in a real competitive match in the Champions League against a full strength Barca side there was many pictures of Messi mocked up with him revealing a photo of Tony Watt under his shirt after he had scored.

That kind.

And I was correct as the tweet was followed up with a secondary wind up tweet as shown above.

But the national newspaper ran the story anyway and it was a SERIOUS piece. Almost like it believed it was a serious suggestion.

Mbappe or Kent? What would it be? I’m sure Ancelotti is on the phone to Gerrard as we speak.

One thought on “The Sun’s Latest MoonHowling Headline Touts Galactico “Transfer””

  1. I never read anything from The Hun. It is a newspaper not worth toilet roll. As for Sevco, they are an utterly average side. That hasn’t changed. They may be slightly better organised from the side who suffered capitulation two seasons ago but they are no more than a consistent Celtic side away from oblivion. I have zero concerns about Celtic restoring the natural order this season when we have our full compliment of players available. My single concern is that we haven’t brought the players in early enough to have a real pop at Champion’s League qualification and that is negligent from the board. Get the signings in and get the juggernaut back on track.

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