The Sun’s anti Celtic agenda is clear to see

The offside decision really has set the cat amongst the pigeons.

But, clearly, our impartial media have no intentions of trying to report on the game fairly, or with balance.

We have already seen from last nights coverage from Sky that Kris Boyd could not be trusted to remain impartial even after his embarrassing meltdown which you can listen to here, so much so that the presenter of the show stayed away from him whilst analysing the goal as Boyd moaned, “Why did you not come to me on the goal? I would like to have my say on the goal?

“It just shows you Celtic getting big decisions again!”

But it also seems that the daily newspapers, or online print, can’t seem to be bothered reporting on it impartially either.

As The Sun wrote up their match report, they headlined their twitter article with a highly suspect angle of Kyogo’s goal which in now way represents the context of the move or Kyogo’s position before he received the ball.

Their decision has been made. The only input they put in the article was Boyd’s.

Nothing of balance from Christoph Berra, who I thought was brilliant in his analysis and of Stan Petrov.

Not. A. Peep.

The Sun’s agenda is clear here.

One thought on “The Sun’s anti Celtic agenda is clear to see”

  1. To hell with the lot of them, and by the way well done to Celtic for allowing this reincarnation of a dead club to live on, we could have and should have put them out the game.

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