The Sun continues it’s shameful assassination of Leigh Griffiths

We all know Leigh Griffiths has his demons.

His mental health issues have been long documented in the press.

And whilst Griffiths tries to rebuild his career with a move away from Celtic Park, there are some in the media who are just looking to shoot the man down just as he is starting to deal with his mental health issues.

Vital Celtic reported on Saturday about Kris Boyd’s dangerous article where he said Leigh Griffiths was about to experience karma from the Rangers supporters in the home tie at Dens Park.

In this he had the potential to stir up some dangerous rhetoric against the former Scotland hitman and thankfully, his encouraged pile on had no real impact except the usual vile chants from an away support that seems to think they can, well let’s face it, they do, get away with murder.

Next up is Bill Leckie with an absolutely shocking piece devoid of human compassion or understanding on mental health issues in men.

At a time when mental health affects many thousands of men, and suicide rates for people in Scotland at an all time high, people like Leckie and, especially Boyd, should not be using their platform to kick people when they are down.

Leckie, like me, is in no place to tell Griffiths what to do or how to fix his issues, especially when you use crass language and analogies like this, “It may be more painful than a Mitre to the mammy-daddy button on a freezing Tuesday night in November.

“There’s every chance it’ll also unlock a whole lot of other stuff he’s tried to shove down the bottom of his mental kitbag for far too long.

“But when he gets down there, among the rancid socks and sweaty jockstraps, it may change everything for the better.

Totally devoid of empathy and making light of a serious condition that can cause serious repercussions.

Not I am not defending Leigh Griffiths actions one iota. He has made massive mistakes over the last few years but what I will not do is pretend that his mental health has not played any part in those.

Yes, he needs help. And yes it is up to him to seek it. But let him do it at his own pace.

Being attacked in a national newspaper twice in two days is shocking journalism.

Sometimes I despair at people in this profession.

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