The succulent lamb continues as Sevco assistant boss talks up Gerrard

International week does crazy things to those football fans that just can’t wait for club football to get started up again.

For many, what seems like the longest two weeks in their lives, they will gladly talk club football for ANY reason just so it means they get their daily fix of ‘their’ team.

Celtic’s turn was the Red Bull rumour, *Rangers fantasy story was the Gerrard to Newcastle rumour.

Anyone that thinks the now richest club in world football is going to trust their hunderds of millions of pounds worth of transfer kitty to a guy that has, by and large, spent every single penny his current club had on one trophy is seriously deluded.

One trophy from nine. And the Sevco fans can dress it all up as much as they want by claiming “it’s the one you all sang about for nine years”, but over £40m, and one trophy, in Scotland is scandalous.

St Johnstone have won two in one season, when it took Gerrard three to bank one.

Now there is no money left in the kitty and Gerrard isn’t happy.

Gary McAllister gave a strange summation of Steven Gerrard being linked Newcastle in todays media when he said, “The thing is, since we have been here there has been speculation and links to several clubs.

“That’s part and parcel of being a high profile manager. A high profile manager that’s done pretty well here.

“Winning the league last season was decent.”

Done pretty well here? One trophy in three years? £40m for one trophy?

Is that pretty well for a *Rangers manager and why is no one in the Scottish media challenging this dross?

Hell, Ronny Delia won two trophies in his first season and was denied the opportunity of a treble by a poor officiating display, yet he was hounded by the media hacks!

It is little wonder fan media in Scotland is so popular as the Scottish main stream media cannot even be bothered to do their jobs correctly.

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