over the shoulder view of a referee showing the red card

“The senior Celtic person put forward the only two possible explanations” – Phil Mac reveals details of explosive SFA VAR meeting

For weeks on this blog I have questioned VAR and whether or not the referees are just incompetent or whether something more darker and sinister is going on in our game.

I’ve also said the club now need to come out and fight our corner because there is just far too many ‘honest mistakes’ happening to us that, weirdly, never seem to affect the club that plays in blue.

Conceded penalties, dodgy offside decisions and blatant penalties not even being awarded is what is frustrating the Celtic fans and whilst the Ibrox club get away with yet another favourable VAR decision, the silence from our club is deafening.

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Or is it?

According to Phil Mac Ghiolla Bhain’s latest blog, the Parkhead powers that be have already had a ‘sit down’ with the SFA beaks and what Phil reveals is quite startling:

So the club are finally asking the question of the SFA. I wonder what their answer to that accusation was?

Knowing them, they probably booked the Celtic official for dissent and ruled the two explanations offside and then awarded a penalty to Rangers in their upcoming league fixture.

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