The Reasons Scott Brown Would Never Have Played Under Postecoglou

Right, before you all at the back (and the front) start chucking eggs at me let me start off by saying that I love Scott Brown.

He was my favourite player for as long as I can remember. I was absolutely gutted when he left Celtic. I still am even though Calum McGregor is doing a magnificent job of picking up the captains mantle.

A warrior, a wind up merchant and a brilliant captain. I loved his way of winding up the opposition and I loved how he LOVED beating *Rangers (old and new).

Now that is clear let me outline my reasons why he would never have played under Ange.

The first reason is simple. Broony would never have lasted the pace of Postecoglou’s style of football. The high press, never stop, overpowering of teams takes an incredible level of fitness that not everyone can take.

At 36 years of age, Brown’s legs would never have been able to hack the pace the team play at at this current moment in time.

And that is not a slight on the former Celtic captain. It’s just simple biology.

Put it this way, could you see Brown last three full 90mins games in a week the way McGregor will by the time the Hearts game is finished tomorrow afternoon?

The second reason and this one is one of the reasons why I love Brown, he’s just a wind up merchant. It seems Ange has brought a level of professionalism to Celtic that would not tolerate behaviour on and off the pitch that was tolerated during the Lennon era.

Even now, at 36, Brown has shown how he loves to annoy the opposition as as shown with the reported after match antic’s in Aberdeen’s last European tie.

Can you imagine Postecoglou tolerating that behaviour? Not a chance. He would want that taken out of Brown’s game and by doing that, you take away the character that we have all grown to love over his 14 year tenure at Celtic Park.

I love Scott Brown. I hope he brings (limited, I might add) success to Aberdeen. The man is a legend.

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