The outstanding Twitter thread that obliterates the Celtic ‘paranoia’ lie

Celtic and our fans have had many accusations levied at us over the past few weeks over the refereeing fiasco that is called VAR in this country.

The new technology was supposed to clean up our game.

Stop dodgy decisions and make the game competitive by giving every team a fair crack of the whip when if comes to game changing decisions.

For years supporters of the smaller teams in the country have complained that when they visit Parkhead and Ibrox the crowd influences the referees decision making.

VAR was meant to stop that. Well, it has, for one team.

And this thread on Twitter has absolutely destroyed the myth that Celtic fans are paranoid.

It highlights shockingly favourable decisions that the Ibrox club were on the receiving end BEFORE the new technology was introduced and how it got WORSE when the virtual assistant started intervening.

Here is a selection of the best from the thread but if you get the chance I strongly urge anyone to check this out:

And these are the best two:

So tell me again, whose paranoid?

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