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The outstanding Still Game clip that sums up fan feeling on Lawwell’s return

The news of Peter Lawwell returning to the club will hit many fans like getting smashed square in the nuts with a sledghammer.

Although a very successful CEO, a lot of fans believe that Lawwell interfered too much in the footballing side and getting too involved in the transfer business of the club.

His infamous appointment of Neil Lennon in the showers (sigh) and the fatal collapse of the ten in a row season is, ultimately, still fresh in the minds of the fans.

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The 29 trophies the club amassed under his tenure is impressive, but the failure to progress the club in Europe will always be a black mark on his name.

And as the fans digest the news, podcaster Ryan Fitzsimons has possibly captured the mood of the fans with this belter of a tweet:

Lawwell is a very divisive figure amongst the fans.

Not many will take too kindly to him being given this role and the fact that the club didn’t even announce it on Twitter tells you all you need to know.

They are scared of the backlash.

1st January 2023 is the date of destiny.

Let’s hope that date is not remembered for all the wrong reasons come the end of the season.

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