“The new Spiderman looks sh***” – Celtic fans brilliant response to new Union Bears photo

There never seems to be a day that goes by where these fans don’t embarrass themselves.

Claiming to be like no other when it comes to Tifo’s (yes they did claim that) the really have an oddly romantic view of themselves when the rest of Scottish football are laughing at them.

Well, here comes another one.

The fan group released a photo of themselves clad in balaclavas which, I can only assume, where ordered from the Spiderman section of Wish, holding flares and generally just being a red neck.

Yeah, it’s a shocker.

I do a disservice to Wish though because even I don’t think they would be bold enough to sell those on their discounted website.

But the Celtic fans wasted no time at all in telling them what they thought of them and some of the replies are just class:

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