The Moonhowling Continues From The Usual Suspects From The Usual Team From The Usual Third Rate Publication

I sometimes wonder why former *Rangers players and managers take such an interest in what’s going on at Celtic at this moment and I am also bemused at why they are taking every opportunity available to them to either slate the manager, the team or the rebuild.

Actually, I know why they do, but you would think that with so much going on at their own club they would focus solely on that.

With Celtic’s impressive 4-2 away win to Czech side Jablonec in last nights Europa League qualifier, the Scottish media, namely the BBC, had it reported like a defeat in some strange post match analysis from John Hartson and James McFadden.

Anyway, it is now the turn of former *Rangers manager Alex McLeish to stick the boot in through Football Insider. McLeish took aim at new Celtic defender Carl Starfelt where he questioned whether or not the Swedish international is at the required level to play for the Hoops.

After two games. Yes. Two games. McLeish said, “We know that Postecoglou has started the season where the preparation hasn’t been at the top level you’d expect at a club like Celtic.

“He’s going in there with young players in defence, they’re still learning their trade. It does need work.

“Starfelt, the majority was good moments but there were a couple of things that had you thinking is he at the level for Celtic?

“Postecoglou must have some pretty good knowledge about his level. Therefore you’d expect for the player to gradually improve.”

It is an unreal statement to make and it seems that the positivity that surrounded the appointment of Postecoglou is slowly but surely festering into a public flaying of the club at every opportunity.

3 thoughts on “The Moonhowling Continues From The Usual Suspects From The Usual Team From The Usual Third Rate Publication”

  1. Why do the scum media always ask deadco players about celtic especially when they all cheated using ebt sideletters does the rats in the media forget 2012 when they were all writing ranjurs died in 8mins eh..SCUMBAGS THE LOT OF THEM

  2. Prob cos their new club owes more than £30m, excluding Ashley court case. Lost c£25m last year and never turned a profit. Liquidation v2.0 awaits.

  3. All Sevco supporters need to worry about is the 50 titles they trail famous Celtic. In generations to come if they can close the meteoric gap then they can talk about matters outwith their meaningless club. Until then they can shut their mouths and listen to the chants of: “WHO ARE YA?…WHO ARE YA?”

    51/ 1 – that’s who WE are. Hoora.

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