Statue at Ibrox

The media silence over Ibrox fans conduct during Ron Gordon tribute is a disgrace

The media only seem to pick and choose what they get offended by these days.

They really do.

The other day it was how football fans use children as ‘pyro mules’ to get fireworks into grounds (which is a load of bull btw) and just last week we had Celtic fans being called out for their use during the league cup final even though both sets of supporters were guilty of setting them off.

We also had PLZ Soccer celebrate the second anniversary of ’55’ by claiming there were parties that lasted for days by the Ibrox support. Is that how we are airbrushing George Square now?

Check out the news from all the Celtic blogs across the web HERE

Any angle they can take to make that support look good is snapped up.

And yet, during a poignant tribute to Hibs owner Ron Gordon last night, they never uttered a word at the sectarian bile coming from them in the away end at Easter Road:

It can also be heard quite clearly on Football Scotlands twitter post this morning and yet, they never even mentioned it.

What a performance it was by the Hibs fans as they belted out the tribute to their late chairman.

He will be proud of them.

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