Celtic Park, Main Stand entrance

The media bottled it and missed the REAL Peter Grant/Sevco COVID story this morning

So I woke up this morning to the headlines that Peter Grant had raged at future Rangers gaffer, Michael Beale for, what essentially was, the Englishman whoring himself for the Ibrox whilst GvB was under pressure.

Grant lambasted the former Govan coach and said he had broken an ‘unwritten rule’ when he spoke to the press claiming he would have won the title with Gerrard last season had they both been in charge.

Absolute garbage in all honesty as Ange Postecoglou’s side were relentless. I don’t think even Rangers fan bought his nonsense.

It was a shameless attempt to sell himself to the fans whilst undermining GvB and if I was a Rangers supporter, I would be concerned that their future manager could be so cold.

But the press ran with the Peter Grant ‘unwritten rule’ story when, really, the real story was Grant publicly declaring what all Celtic fans already know.

Beale’s Rangers only won the league because there were no fans in the stadium during the COVID season.

Speaking on Go Radio, Grant said, “I just thought some of the comments are really strange at the same time.

Talking about if him and Steven Gerrard had still been there they would have won the league.

I cannot believe such a crazy comment. Remember they won the league because there was no supporters. That’s the bottom line.

“It’s easy to play without any fans. They won one trophy.”

That’s Grant on the banned list now!

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