“The honeymoon is over” – Knives are out for Postecoglou as warning fired by former Hoops hero

I suppose it was only a matter of time before this chat started.

And in some ways, it is warranted. The current league form does look terrible. Six played. Three wins. Three losses. All away losses.

Never in a million years is that the form of champions.

We are just lucky that “fleg” day across the city didn’t go as they had planned or this result would have been a COMPLETE disaster for the club. And for Ange.

But it seems the knives are, if not already are close to, coming out for the Hoops gaffer and he has less than three days until the next fixture.

Thank God it’s at home as another away game might be enough to send the Celtic fans over the edge!

Former Celtic keeper, Pat Bonner, has warned Ange Postecoglou that the grace he enjoyed from the Hoops fans is now gone and that the manager must now start to deliver more consistency in results.

Speaking on BBC Sportsound, Bonner also said the players have spent their goodwill amongst the fans also, “Listen the honeymoons over.

For the manager also.

When you come to Livingston and you get beat 1-0 knowing that the other team across the city is almost drawing and they still can’t get a spark out of it.

I’m sure that message came across from the fans. It certainly did cause I could see it when Motherwell scored but the players didn’t respond.”

And that is alarming. Playing the team bottom of the league knowing your rivals are dropping points and you STILL can’t pull out a performance is criminal.

Performances and results need to pick up, starting with a resounding home win on Wednesday against Raith Rovers.

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