The Glib and Shameless One Takes a Pop At Postecoglou

For a man that brought Pedro Caixhina to Glasgow to talk about Celtic taking risks by signing Postecoglou, you would think he would know better than take a pop at anything Celtic do.

Dave King, the former custodian of The Rangers International Football Club has warned that the Postecoglou appointment is a risk and that hiring an overseas manager could represent a huge cultural adjustment for the new manager.

In an interview with the Scottish media, King said, “I think there are obvious risks.

“There are risks just in coming to the UK — and then Glasgow is a difficult place to come into. There is a culture around it. It’s an absolute fishbowl from the media and fans’ point of view.

“It’s not just from a footballing point of view. There’s a huge cultural adjustment. It’s a very difficult situation.

“We saw that with Pedro. It could have worked but it didn’t work.

“Bringing in someone like Steven Gerrard, while Glasgow is still difficult, there is a comparative benchmark in Liverpool as to what it will be like.

“But coming from some of these foreign leagues is a big risk. It might work. It’s definitely a big risk.”

There’s also a risk in investing £20m into a club during the EBT years but the least said about that the better.

But let’s take this at face value. Hiring ANY manager is a risk. Whether overseas or abroad. Tony Mowbray, John Barnes, Lou Macari were all British based managers. All failed. Nothing to do with cultural issues. They simply were not good enough.

Then there’s the successes. Martin O’Neill, Gordon Strachan, Brendan Rodgers and Neil Lennon (yes he was successful so no booing at the back!!). All successes because they, at their time WERE good enough.

The nationality of a manager does not determine his successes. King appointed Warburton. Failure. Steven Gerard. Up until COVID. Failure. Hell you could argue that one trophy in three years after spending £40m could also be regarded as failure.

Some people need to think, before they speak.

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One thought on “The Glib and Shameless One Takes a Pop At Postecoglou”

  1. Let’s be honest: Dave King is no more than a glorified second hand car salesman and tax evader. He, like many others, stood by and watched their old club die. Celtic is the biggest and most successful club in the country and vermin like King are pure comedy gold. They are the equivalent to the fat Sunday league captain preaching to the Champions League winner about the beautiful game! Stick to the day job Slick, is the obvious reply. Postecoglou has 25 years experience and is not a chump like Pedro, nor is he a rookie under 18’s coach like Gerrard fully dependent on other clubs having a bad season in order to achieve ‘success’. We are Celtic, a club with it’s history in tact and domestic sovereignty to it’s ancient name. Mind The Gap, Slick.

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