The fear is real as Follow Follow hope for Celtic’s Japanese call ups

For all their bluster and claims of Celtic running scared this winter, the fear amongst the *Rangers fans when it comes to Celtic’s new Japanese Bhoys has never been so real.

Don’t let them kid you on. They might be brave defending statues but defending against two of the most potent Japanese attackers in the history of the J League has rattled them so much that they have started a thread on Follow Follow about them.

And it is a thread of hope.

Hope that Kyogo, Hatate, Ideguchi and Maeda will all be missing from the Glasgow Derby on the 2nd February because, make no mistake about it, we will destroy that mob with all three in the starting line up.

And when you think that Jota and Forrest will be back for that game, it really is frightening the amount of firepower that they will come up against.

Out of the four, I can’t wait to unleash Maeda. The guy is just raw power. An animal and he will tear apart that backline like nothing we have witnessed since the days of Larsson.

And I haven’t even got on to Kyogo yet!

The future at Celtic looks brilliant. They know it. We know it.

They fear it.

You can smell the fear from here!

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