The fantastic Rangers fan compensation package claim. Sevconomics are brilliant!

I’ve never seen so much panic over at Ibrox way since Hector chapped the big blue doors and asked for his money.

Not since the word liquidation was first uttered have we seen such a reaction from the Rangers fans now that Aston Villa have come knocking for their glorious leader.

Many are convinced that Gerrard will not leave due to having some unfinished business in Glasgow and to be fair, that is true.

Gerrard is determined to win at least one more trophy than Callum Davidson so he can claim the most decorated manager in the league award.

But whilst the rumours carry on, some fans have already started counting the pennies of any potential compensation package that the club would be owed if Gerrard did decide to jump ship.

The numbers being quoted are brilliant, with many pundits suggesting if Celtic got £9m for Rodgers, what will they get for Gerrard?

More than that according to this one Rangers fan. He called Clyde 1 Superscoreboard to give his opinion on the Gerrard circus and he made a wild claim about what the Ibrox club would be paid if the Liverpudlian moved to the Midlands, “Not worried. Not worried at all.

He’s on good wages at Rangers. He’s on £210,000 per month at Rangers.

That works out to be about £2.5m a year. Now I don’t think it will touch it the now, because he is contracted to 2024.

It would take over £10m to get him out his contract even if Aston Villa did approach him.

But I think he’s going to wait for the Liverpool job His heart is still in with Rangers.

You can see it at the end of last season and you can see it last week as well.

£10m? Now I’m no financial expert, but if Gerrard IS on £2.5m per year and has less than three years to go, I don’t make that £10m. Not anywhere near it.

But then numbers aren’t really their forte, especially when they seem to think that a £23m loss somehow doesn’t affect your debt!

The hilarity will ensue over the coming weeks I am sure but at least we will have some entertainment to keep us going over the international break.

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