“The Company Owed £150m!” – Eyewatering Admission As Charles Green Revelations Continue

As I conclude the final part of the Charles Green revelations today from the Keys and Gray podcast, the Yorkshireman reveals the huge sums of money racked up which forced Rangers into liquidation.

In this excerpt, Green reveals that when he stepped down as the CEO of Rangers International Football Club, their finances where healthy and there was cash in the bank.

Greens recalls when he stepped down and there seems to be some innuendo to what actually happened to the money, “Without going through it day by day, which I can remember as vivid today as it was 10 years ago, almost.But the point is, when I stepped down in May, the accounts, if you look at the half year results of the published in June, Rangers had cash in the bank no liabilities. None.

“So any black holes that appeared or any other that appeared where not on my shift. I didn’t go out selling players. I was getting rid of all these people.

“Let’s talk about the money. There was no money! The company owed £150m. If you add all the bits of everyone was claiming.

All those over a period disappeared, of course, which I said in 2012 actually came true two or three years ago, where Inland Revenue could not block the CVA and it would all would have gone ahead because the debt was only £20m.

“I could have funded that in an afternoon. So these are the things that the fans need to know.”

There is definitely going to be more, much more, revealed as Green seems to be opening up the more each legal wrangle gets put to bed. The next few months are certainly going to be interesting.

2 thoughts on ““The Company Owed £150m!” – Eyewatering Admission As Charles Green Revelations Continue”

  1. He is not being honest about hector and the cva.
    The inland revenue decided not to pursue that part of the case to save the public purse….simply because the club were already in liquidation and a win in court would be costly and earn nothing.

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