The Celtic Trust’s brilliant call to Celtic fans

Celtic fans are not happy with the board.

That much is clear. From the infamous shower appointment of Neil Lennon to the shambolic coordination of the ten in a row season and the insane three month pursuit Eddie Howe, the fans have been left disenchanted with the direction in which the club is being taken.

Even the fabled January review is still nowhere to be seen and whatever was Gordon Strachan doing at the club anyway? Where is his report? In fact, what even was his remit??


As the club lumber on still without a permanent CEO, Director of Football or Head of Recruitment, the shareholding fans are being urged by the Celtic Trust to use their voice in club matters.

Celtic fans ‘own’ 17.25% of the club and The Celtic Trust are determined to get those fans to use their proxy vote to use their vote to tell the club exactly what they think of their guardianship of the club.

In a series of tweets, The Trust said:

And probably one of the most important tweets in this thread:

It is time for the Celtic fans to unite and join the fight against the board to bring about real change to the club.

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