There are just some people in the journalistic world you listen to when they start speaking. You know the kind of person I’m talking about. Ones with integrity and honesty. That try to get the real news to the fans.

One such journalist is Anthony Joseph of Sky Sports News. Joseph reports on all things Scottish football and he also takes the time out to speak to fan run football podcasts.

There are not many journalists that take the time out of their day to engage with local podcasters but Joseph does, and he can only be commended on that.

This time, Joseph appeared on the Only As Good as Your Last Game podcast and he outlined the fatal mistake the Celtic board made in their hunt for a new manager.

Celtic have recently brought Ange Postecoglou in as their new man, to much disdain from the fans, but Joseph says it could all have so much different if the board had followed one, simple rule, “If Celtic, in February, said they were going for a manager outside the box, someone who they think can really push the club on and someone they can get in for decent value like Postecoglou, more people would have gone on board with it.

“If that had happened in February, if Celtic were in talks with Postecoglou in February and March,  more people, I’m not saying everyone would have got on board with that.  I would still say probably the majority wouldn’t have because they hadn’t heard of him, but more people would have would have got on board with that.

“Season tickets would have been able to sell a lot easier. Eddie Howe would have sold season tickets because he was the guy Celtic fans wanted from October/November. He was the guy being talked about.

“Because of what’s happened. Because of the season that’s happened. Because it’s over 100 days since Lennon departed and because they allowed Eddie Howe to basically lead them on for about three months.

There was a real, real disconnect and discontent with the club at the moment over how this has been handled. And Celtic fans see their only real power as not buying season tickets.

Honesty. That’s all it would have took. Honesty and openness. Except all we have now is suspicion and distrust. And in turn what has that done? Caused a toxic environment in which the new Celtic manager needs to work in and if that affects the manager and results on the park, Dom McKay’s honeymoon period will not be over. It will be non existent.

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  1. You’ve lost me how 30million ? If it’s season ticket money no chance. If it’s not winning the league this year possibly

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