Celtic Park, Main Stand entrance

The Athletic journalist says Ange Postecoglou has lost control of one major factor he enjoyed at Celtic

At Celtic, Ange Postecoglou enjoyed power over every aspect of the club. From recruitment to the controlling how the youth side played football, the Australian was the master at the club.

And he led well. All his philosophies and tactical abilities were deployed across the whole club and we enjoyed immense success from that.

But it seems that Ange will not wield that kind of power. Especially when it comes to transfers.

The Athletic’s Charlie Eccleshire was speaking about Spurs’ transfer policy on the Fox Football Podcast, Eccleshall and of Postecoglou’s control over Spurs transfer business, “This is another really interesting subplot because he won’t have that same level of autonomy that he had at Celtic and other clubs.

“Spurs, like most clubs, like most sort of big English clubs anyway and certainly in Europe, have that Director of Football system where he sort of oversees recruitment and works alongside the head coach and various other people.

“And yet Spurs are going more data-driven in how they recruit. So I don’t think he will. He won’t be as autonomous, not at all. And that will be interesting to see how much he’s up for that and how willing he is to kind of seed that power.”

We all know that Ange enjoyed that kind of power at Celtic. We all know that if he identified a player, the club would go and get him. No questions asked.

If there is another person in control of that, is he going to be happy about it?

For all we know he may have already accepted that fact before he signed the contract. Or he may have already stipulated as one of the conditions of the deal to Spurs that he must have full control of transfers.

We don’t know. But it will be interesting to see how it plays out over the summer should Postecoglou’s transfer business get hindered at any point.