“That’s clickbait” – John Hartson’s brilliant reaction to Daily Mail’s Gerrard to Newcastle article

As the continued speculation rises about whether or not Steven Gerrard is, or is not, part of the Newcastle plans to take over world football, the media are having an incredible love in with the Rangers boss.

With the untold millions the North East England club now have at their disposal they could hire practically any manager they want.

But, for some strange reason, the media seem to think that a relatively rookie manager that has won one trophy in thirteen attempts, in Scotland, after spending north of £40m, is high on the Saudi owners list to take over from Steve Bruce, should the former Man United legend be relieved of his duties.

But former Celt, John Hartson, disagrees. Vehemently. And took a swipe at the Daily Mail’s John Greackon for his piece on Gerrard ‘not ruling himself out’ for a move to the EPL,
“That’s clickbait. That’s a bad article that is. Listen, Steven Gerrard has done very well at Rangers.

Excellent last season, the way they won the league. They won it at a canter.

And all of a sudden you when your manager is doing well you are linked with all the jobs. And he’s done the right thing.

He’s said I don’t want to speak about other managers. He’s never gonna say I’d love the job is he?

He’s got job to do at Rangers, by the way. He wants to retain the title. He doesn’t want to just win one title.

He wants to win cups, he’s got he’s got things to do at Rangers.

And it’s very early in his management career. But naturally, if your managers getting linked with other jobs that tells you he’s doing very well.”

Not mincing his words there was he?

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