“That’s Andy Walker speak” – BBC Reporter brilliantly taken to task over offside tweet

I have a feeling that this debate is simply not going to go away. Whether it was offside or not is now irrelevant but looking at the amount of tears being shed and also the ‘impartial’ reporters and pundits is absolutely brilliant.

Everyone wants to have their take on it and the latest BBC reporter to dive in and show his complete misunderstanding of the offside rule is Martin Geissler.

Geissler, who to be fair, is a Hearts fan so I can understand his frustration, but when you present a case to the masses, at least make sure it is not a shoddy and badly drawn one.

Of course, we all know the issue isn’t whether or not Kyogo was ahead of the defenders or not. It’s all about whether he was behind the ball. And from that angle it is difficult to tell.

But it does look like Kyogo was given the benefit of the doubt, or the linesman called it correctly but then no matter what anyone says, there will be tears continually shed as the media men unwittingly show their allegiance against Celtic.

But these Hoops fans were having none of it as they revelled in joy at what they perceive as revenge for Abada’s goal that was wrongly ruled offside on the opening night of the season:

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